Use texture when decorating

By Hasan Nour Al-Dine

Texture is the feel of any surface, the surface quality of any material. Texture is a key element that should be taken into consideration while designing or renovating any space. Unfortunately, this element has been forgotten by most designers.

Texture has the ability to add depth to any room, making it alive and more powerful. With different textures we can determine how a space will feel like. It is the magical ingredient that can make an interior space pop, and should not be overlooked when designing a new interior scheme.

There are two kinds of textures: Tactile and Visual. Tactile texture is not only visible to the eye, but can be felt with the hand. Tactile texture rises above the surface of a two-dimensional design, and approaches a three-dimensional relief. This kind of texture has an impressive impact when exposed to light. However, visual texture is the illusion of surface’s texture. It is the tactile texture on a 2D surface. Let’s take as an example a texture we see in photographs; no matter how rough objects in the photograph look, the surface of the photograph is smooth and flat.



Applications of texture:

While applying textures, there are key factors that we need to take care of:

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