The art of mix and match Patterns in spaces

By Hasan Nour Al-Dine

Pattern is the repetition of a certain motif or design on a surface which gives visual interest to the room, whether in textiles, wall covering, or flooring. Although there are no set rules for applying patterns, it is important to understand the effects of patterned surfaces on an interior.

The most commonly used patterns are: stripes, geometric, floral prints, & motif.

Spring 2017 collection by Jane Churchill

Jane Churchill, find it in Tivoli


Applications of pattern

shanghai garden wallpaper

Designers Guild, find it in Tivoli


Erre Eree, find it in Tivoli

oxbridge wallpaper - designers guild-

Designers Guild, find it in Tivoli


Erre Erree, find it in Tivoli

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